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Not (just) Dead White Guys is a collaboration that art non-profit ipaintmymind and I have been carefully curating and creating together since fall of 2020. IPMM founder Evan La Ruffa came to me with a concern of the lack of representation and diversity in art history. As an art educator I jumped at the opportunity to bring 12 illustrations of notable artists from the past and 12 illustrations of  contemporary artists that we can see working today.


We'll be releasing two prints as a timed release in the IPMM shop on Friday, August 20th. There will be one print of the 12 alive artists and a separate print of the deceased artists. These prints will only be able to be purchased between Aug 20th - Sept 13th!!

Click here to read an article from IPMM about the portrait series... Enjoy!

You can purchase your prints here

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